Service offering

 SETM provides a number of service through different activities, which are presented into the major four categories: 

1.Knowledge Management

SETM executes various researches and studies to fill up gap in knowledge and experience in the energy sector in general and the renewable energy in particular. Our work contributes in strengthening of the existing policies, transfer of technology and exchange of knowledge. The knowledge products like reports, bulletins and materials are published, documented and wider disseminated. As of today, more than 19 such projects have been completed with an approach for learning and analysis through series of planning, phase studies and evaluations. Among them, designing of field survey, administration of fieldwork and focus group discussions and data analysis are very common. The list of accomplished projects are given below;

2. Capacity Development

SETM organizes various capacity development activities that include workshops, seminars, orientations and training programs. Majority of the CD activities are related to the renewable energy and sustainable development. SETM follows the whole range of activities from need assessment, designing and development of training modules, conduction of training programs and impact assessment. SETM has designed 7 numbers of capacity development activities in the field of energy planning, project development, management of pico and micro hydro plants, designing of large biogas plants, wind power development etc. The list of training conducted for capacity development are mentioned below:

3. Project Monitoring

SETM design and administrate various baseline surveys, impact studies, third party monitoring of various RETs and review of business model of ongoing project activities. Altogether 11 similar projects have been undertaken so far. Among them, the third party monitoring of AEPC supported RETs, household survey of Biogas and IWM as per the CDM requirements and business model review of ICS program are the key. A total list of accomplished projects are presented below:

4. Technical Supports /Project Implementation
SETM provides technical assistance to its clients in formulating strategies, conducting feasibility studies, project design and supervision, implementation of field activities,  value chain analysis and cost estimations. More than 9 similar projects have been successfully commissioned in various parts of the country. Recently SETM has involved in implementation of two energy projects (i) installation of biomass based gasifier system in Nawalparasi and (ii) promoting agro-processing based micro-enterprise development with improved water mill technology in Doti, Achchham and Bajhang districts.The list of accomplished projects is given below:


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