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Managed by a group of young, dynamic and dedicated professionals, the SETM is capable of bringing together diverse talents and technologies, planning, coordinating and guiding their efforts to achieve a smooth on- schedule performance to meet the satisfaction of clients with various classes. Presently, ten professional staff and two support staff are working in SETM. SETM has maintained a pool of experts who are engaged as consultants in various studies and activities. 

Ms. Sharada Shrestha, the managing director is responsible for overall day-to-day management of the organization. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of renewable energy and project management. She completed her Master degree in Sustainable Energy Management from University of Flensburg, Germany. 

Mr. Bharat R Poudel, Senior Program Specialist at SETM is leading the program activities. He is an electrical engineer/ renewable energy professional with 17 years experience in planning, developing and managing clean and rural development programs. A dedicated and committed development practitioner in grid / off grid rural electrification, management, RE system design and monitoring, resource management and climate change. Possess a strong and all-round working experience in government agencies, I/NGOs, private sector, external development partners and community-based organizations. Mr. Poudel has completed the Master Degree in Sustainable Energy Management from the University of Flensburg, Germany.

Mr. Bibek K Neupane is the project coordinator at SETM. He has extensive work experience designing of research proposals, administration of field survey and FDGs and socio-economic analysis. He has completed his Master Degree in rural development and BSc in environment science.  

The briefing of the staffs of the organization are given below:



Sharada Shrestha
Position: Managing Director 
Profession: Biogas Expert 


Bharat Raj Poudel
Position: Chief Technical Advisor
Profession:  RE Expert


Bibek Kanta Neupane
Position: Programme Coordinator 
Profession: Socio-Environmental Researcher 



Sapan Giri 
Position: Engineer 
Profession: Engineer 



Ganesh Puri
Position: Accountant
Profession: Student / Accountant



Arjoo Khadka
Position: Research Associate 
Profession: Student/ Environmentalist 



Sita Sigdel
Position: Office Assistant
Profession: Student





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